Brand management
勤 勉 經 營 第 一 家
芳 菲 璀 璨 最 豪 羕
照 映 存 真 勘 懷 念
相 隨 故 影 伴 犒 牲
材 真 價 實 口 碑 好
料 質 精 良 眾 聲 誇
公 理 無 私 講 信 義
司 行 正 道 譽 可 嘉

Those photographers, who ever used the Tiltall Tripod, like Philippe Halsman, Fabian Bachrach, and the staff at LIFE magazine, have known it to be one of the finest professional quality tripods. Over the past eight decades its reputation as a tripod that is solid, light, versatile and durable, the Tiltall Tripod has not only become the Classic, but also the standard of excellence in the photographic industry.
The maker of the Tiltall legend - the Marchioni brothers
In the late 1800s, the Marchioni family immigrated from the Italian Alps to the United States and started a successful frost cream business in New York until the end of 1920. After a period of silence, the legendary brothers began to develop because of their enthusiasm and fascination for photography. A lightweight, versatile and practical tripod that allows photographers to use multiple angles in different environments. They set up a studio in New Jersey to produce this unique tripod. Since then, good reputation has spread among professional and amateurs in the world, and their adventures have been a great success. 

Leica will continue the excellence of Tiltall
After the Second World War, the Dite Tripod has a reputation for excellent quality and excellent functionality. In the early 1937, Leica was the creator of the renowned high-end microscope maker in the scientific community and the well-known Leica 35mm system in the New Jersey region. They acquired the designer of the Marchioni brothers. The brothers have reached retirement age and they believe that Leica can continue the tradition of the tripod. Leica moved the production of the Tetra Tripod to Rockleigh, New Jersey, where the Marchioni brothers personally trained the staff and supervised production to ensure the superior quality of the company.

KingHome continues to extend the excellence of Tiltall
In 1984 (1995) Qinfang acquired the Dite brand, and continued to develop, innovate and create excellent products with excellent quality and excellent functions, which gave new life. And to ensure that the excellence of the Tiltall brand can continue. Users who have used the Tee tripod for decades know that they have more than just a tripod. They have the first brand of the tripod "Tiltall". !


Photek USA starts from 1977 and keeps creating the best tools for the Photographer,We have a very high quality SoftLighter, background, support system, & etc.
We respect this workmanship and continue to develop more new accessories for photographers to enable their taking picture easier and with nice performance image.


r. Jochen Mueller is a professional Photographer for over 30 years and he has a great talent to create useful device to help the perfect shooting.
SmartViewer is one of the great inventions.You can monitor the LED view from the sunshine and enlarge the vision to ensure the picture quality. He also invent SmartFlex, SmartCone, SmartClip & etc. All are very special and in advanced concept.


Photographs are basically two-dimensional pictures of subjects captured by digital cameras. The light goes through the lens on the camera. The open and closing of the shutter curtain allows a certain amount of photons to be transmitted to the image sensor to create the photograph. The amount of light passing through the lens is transmitted across the entire surface of the image sensor area. The timing of the transmission of the photons depends on the object being photographed. Two-dimensional pictures result when the objects are placed against the background in the photograph.

Since 2006, EZ Hi-Def. is born and Michael Pham is a creative thinker who has developed a new device which can be used to improve the quality of the photographs which can be taken by digital or film cameras. Base on two main principal collection and reflection from lighting, the resulting photographs will have high definition and look much more realistic than two-dimensional photographs.

Mr. Pham has to transform this idea into real life and it is comparable all digital cameras. The inventor passionately feels a sense of pride about this concept and believes that it deserves immediate attention. EZ Hi-Def. is the next level for digital photography.